Perfected techniques through three decades of experience
30+ years of experience
needle & thread

Perfected techniques through three decades of experience

tools of the trade

Tools of the Trade

The Brief

Prestige Tailoring’s alteration methods have been perfected over the years to provide you with the finest quality workmanship. Simon's wide array of specialties, that are renowned within the community, span from intricate leatherwork to customized commercial products.

With his unique eye for structure and form Simon is able to devise a solution for even the most complex alternations.

555 Colvin Ave.

Established in the early 90’s, 555 Colvin Ave. in Buffalo, NY is the home to Prestige Tailoring.

It’s owners, Simon & Galina Shmatnik, opened their shop soon after immigrating from Ukraine.

They eventually began to thrive despite having only a basic understanding of English. A lot of hard work and three decades later, 555 Colvin Ave. is known as the place to go for any of your tailoring needs.